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ūüďćMiami, Florida

anuncio patrocinado

National Commercial Cleaning Company is expanding its business in Miami and is seeking an experienced individual to assist with high performance cleaning and janitorial responsibilities in a warehouse.

Daily activities:

Arrive on time/sweep and mop the concrete floor in the warehouse, help move trash cans to the dumpster area and replace them, walk the floor and collect trash and debris, walk around the warehouse apron and cleaning around, proper use of air blower, walking around the facility and dusting the forklift, deep cleaning the bathroom/closet and small mechanical office, being able to follow instructions and create daily reports of entry, exit and any irregular activity.

This position requires the ability to lift at least 30 pounds and the ability to perform active work.

anuncio patrocinado

For more information, call Vicky at 407-484-9885

Spanish is spoken for details at 321-512-8896 Paul.

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