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ūüďćSunrise, FL

anuncio patrocinado

We are looking to hire a maintenance supervisor for our apartment complex, Atwater in Sunrise, FL.

Essential Job Functions:

-Supervise expense control ensuring that products, services from subcontractors and suppliers are obtained at a minimum cost, maintaining the property in superior condition.

-Maintain the purchase order system and budget control.

anuncio patrocinado

-Organize, schedule and supervise personnel and service equipment suppliers to ensure maintenance and ground work are completed in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with company standards and specifications.

-Ensure property conditions (trash, buildings, stairs, stucco, curbs, household utilities, etc.) are satisfactory on a daily basis.

-Coordinate unit preparation suppliers and monitor move preparation progress.

-Coordinate and operate move-in passage with property staff and residents as needed.

-Complete and/or ensure emergency orders are handled immediately upon notification of issues.

-Comply with the rules of the company’s safety program, participate in safety meetings and perform all tasks safely.

Call or text (949) 838-1230

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