Operator Assistant

anuncio patrocinado

ūüďć Ybor City (Tampa, Florida)

anuncio patrocinado

We are a commercial mobile device manufacturer looking for a confident and hard-working officer to fill the CNC Operator Assistant position. 

The candidate will be responsible for sorting and disposing of the cut parts and the removal operation. TRAINING PROVIDED.

Job Qualifications:

* Valuing quality

anuncio patrocinado

* Self motivated

* Attention to the details

* Ability to work with equipment

*Is not required previous experience

Remuneration will be based on work rate, qualifications and experience.

The candidate must be a timely entrepreneur, capable of working as a manager at a minimum, with a positive attitude, good communication skills, attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship and quality assurance.

The opening hours are from 7am to 7pm. m. at 3:30 pm from the second to the sixth.

Sign up in person between 7am and 3pm.

Address: Rua 3212 N 40 #103B Tampa 33605ūüďć

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