Demolition and Cleaning

📍 *Tampas* *J&J loads supplies services* Demolition and Cleaning.

It is to start tomorrow Monday 06-12-23 I need 15 labor for Tampa Florida.

It is for people with 100% valid documents. They have to be people from Tampa or its surroundings, or from Orlando Fl or the closest.

  • . -6 months of work.
  • -Heavy demolition work
  • -17$ per hour. Regular time.
  • -$25.5 per hour overtime.
  • -Payment by check.
  • -Local work.
  • -Not hotel.
  • -Fill out application.
  • -Have a valid ID
  • -Documents in order mandatory.
  • -Safety helmet, safety vest, and iron-toed safety boots.
  • -8 hours a day.
  • -From Monday to Saturday.
  • -Background week.

Communicate with: Juan Mosquera: *+1(689) 265-1041* jean carlos guanipa *+1(407) 640-5978* *Note :* Only contact the above mentioned numbers please Thank you.

We would like you to be part of the broadcast list so that you always stay on top of the new opportunities by whatsapp.

If you feel more comfortable we also make available from the Telegram group.

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