Esplanada Golf and Country Club Hires Line Cook

Esplanada Golf and Country Club Hires Line Cook Naples, Florida

We are hiring a line cook at the poolside Bahama Bar.
Excellent working environment
Health benefits
2 weeks, paid time off
401K available.
Closed on Christmas Day
Overtime opportunity
Duties/but not limited to:

•Organizes, prepares and fills your banquet station or task according to verbal and written checklists
•Cooks assigned dishes according to standards explained verbally or in the recipe book
•Maintains the general cleanliness of your workstation
•Performs preparation tasks assigned by the Chef/Sous Chef, even if they are outside the scope of their assigned role
•Help with receiving and storing food and non-food items
•Helps to keep storage areas clean and organized
•Inquiries on additional tasks as workload decreases
•Reports to the Executive Chef and/or Sous Chef

I called (239)494-8020

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