Jazz It Up With Joy is looking for cleaning ladies

Jazz It Up With Joy is looking for cleaners Marco Island, Florida

Jazz It Up With Joy is looking to hire cleaners for residential cleaning services in Marco Island. Previous experience in cleaning services is a big advantage. All materials will be provided.
Company vehicles are used for transportation between jobs on Marco Island.

Key duties, tasks and responsibilities include:
•Clean and maintain a tidy residential environment with the use of various chemicals, disinfectants, tools and machines.

Dust, mop, vacuum, do laundry, mop, make beds, and take out the trash.
•Candidates are also expected to wash dishes, clean bathrooms/toilets/showers/tubs and kitchens.
•Wash windows and mirrors while on the floor.
•Cleaners clean hallways, stairs, balconies and other areas, depending on their work environment.

Additional details include:
-Scrub bathrooms and tiles, scrub floors, clean toilets, showers and fixtures, disinfect floors, cabinets and kitchen counters.
-Vacuum carpets, empty and wash trash cans and ashtrays.
-Replace bathroom materials and disinfect the bathroom floor.
-Wash the dishes and/or place them in the dishwasher. Put dishes in cabinets.
-Dust and polish furniture.

-Sort the clothes/towels/sheets to be washed and place them in the washing machine. Organize washed items in cabinets and drawers. Change your sheets to clean clothes.
-Clean appliances and clean/clean windows and window treatments.
-Identify and report any maintenance issues or faulty equipment.

-Maintain adequate records of all work carried out, reporting damaged appliances, furniture, equipment or any potential hazards. Cleaners will travel from multiple homes during the workday and will often work in a team of 2 or 3 cleaners.

Work typically starts at 8:30am each morning and on most days finishes between 4pm and 5pm. Arrangements can be made to accommodate your availability.

Interested parties contact us at 239-259-4044

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