Lawn maintenance work

Lawn Maintenance Work Hernando, Florida

Lawn maintenance foreman required.
-A minimum of 2 years experience as a foreman for a professional lawn maintenance company is required.
-Must arrive on time and be reliable with reliable transportation.
-Valid driver’s license required.
-Must be able to drive truck and trailer.
-Must be able to supervise up to 2 assistants.
-Must be able to communicate with customers on a professional level.

Probationary period of 30 days with 30 days of professional training before assuming the position of foreman.
Pay more than $600 per week in winter and more than $700 in summer. Paid overtime, approximately 50 hours during the summer and 40-45 hours during the winter.

I sent a text message with your name, phone number and work experience.
Contact (Jack) 352.400.6066

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