We are hiring 2 sous chefs

We are hiring 2 sous chefs in Albany, New York

We are hiring 2 sous chefs to help run our 2 kitchens.
The right person for this position can multitask, is a great team leader, and has a positive attitude that contributes to a positive work environment for our entire team.
This person must have a high level of passion for food and hospitality.

Managing daily operations includes, but is not limited to, managing a busy line, working with line cooks to ensure smooth service, ensuring consistent food quality, and maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

A formal culinary degree is optional.
Benefits include:
Group life insurance, 401K match, competitive salary, health insurance, paid time off (sick and vacation).

Contact us at 518-424-2104 to schedule an interview.

When looking for a job through job freedom, people have the opportunity to find work that motivates them and makes them feel professionally satisfied. This contributes to a more positive and rewarding work environment.a

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