Work for Window and Glass Door Cleaners

Work for Window and Glass Door Cleaners Brickell/ Miami Beach/ Wynwood, Fl

We are a Miami-based window cleaning company specializing in cleaning high-rise condo windows, windows and sliding doors and we are looking to add a few cleaners to our team for a part-time job (10-35 hours per week).

Job responsibilities:
-We are currently looking for a cleaner to cover 3-6 units per week. If all goes well, we will be able to give you more.
-All work is carried out between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.
-Must have excellent customer service skills and be professional
-Must pay attention to details
-Must be willing to complete a cleaning checklist with each cleaning.
-Must be extremely reliable
-Must arrive on time (Important)

-We work in a VERY safe environment but you CANNOT be afraid of heights!
-Experience in cleaning (preferred)
-Must have an open schedule and be flexible in daily operation
-Must have a smartphone with working phone camera to use our cleaning checklist and logging system.
-Must complete an on-the-job interview/training.

Email us at for a quick phone interview with the owner and manager.
Please copy and paste the following questionnaire into the email you sent us:

  1. Fill in the first and last name
  2. Professional experience
  3. Current duties/other jobs and responsibilities
  4. Phone number and appropriate time to call

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