Work for maid

Job for Maid New York/Hampton

Hours Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 6pm / Daylight Saving Time Live Hampton
Location New York/Hampton
Salary $70k + health insurance and bonus
Family consisting of 2 adults and 3 children, small child
Fully equipped current team
Summary Live Out Housekeeping Job Available!

Job Information Requirements/Duties:
Looking for an excellent housekeeper!
Thorough cleaning, great organizing skills for closets, closets, and other storage spaces. Prepare and serve the formal table. Excellent communication skills. Team players. Fully equipped house. Minimum of 5 years of experience as a housekeeper working for high-end families. Someone who is energetic, professional, able to manage projects and is trustworthy. Live in summer time in Hampton.

As a Domestic Employment Agency, we strive to present Qualified Candidates!

For more information, call leticia at (212) 889-7505 or email

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